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Tailored Service
to Commercial Residential, and Agricultural Construction Contractors

Avoid these typical supplier frustrations

Late Deliveries

Order Errors

Low empathy for your goals

Inflexibility for customization

Inconsistent quality

Limited offerings

Welcome to Contractor's Paradise

We were once contractors ourselves. We get it. That’s why we have built in a level of service to make your life as easy as possible, customized to your interests and needs. After a while, it will feel like we are a part of your team because we just know how you like it, and that’s how we’ll serve it up. Delivery timeliness, order accuracy, connecting with your goals, and cranking out premium-quality products you can count on day in and day out. That’s our commitment!

Metal Roofing and Siding Solutions

Discover Aristolath

Amazing board and batten

Stun with standing seam

Premium roofing options

Reliable Metal roofing & siding

Quality-rolled standard sheeting

Building Packages

Metal building combos & kits

Beyond the basics

Metal shingles & specialty products

Fasteners & Accessories

Full lineup of  installation supplies

Building Packages

Metal building combos & kits

House/barn combos have increased in popularity over the past several years. We offer a number of quality packages to help you choose the right house/barn package for you.
Our pole barn kits are handy for quickly assessing your needs and selecting your pole barn. Our friendly salesperson will lead you through the options.

1. Call or Drop By

Enjoy our showroom and customer-focused staff.

2. Explore & Order

We’ll attend you through to the metal package you need.

3. Relax while We Deliver

We’ll schedule, produce, and deliver. Just right.

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