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Flashing & Sealants

Waterproofing and windproofing done right. Outstanding sealants and flashing in convenient configurations.

Ventilation Closures

ST® PolyUrethane Strips

ST® Closure Strip



  • Adhesive is applied to the flat of the foam strip for easy field installation.
  • Open cell foam formulated to allow as much as 98% free air flow.
  • Material design prevents wind-driven rain from penetrating the material causing undesired leaks.
  • Material design is universal in nature. It will conform to any panel 1 1/4” or less in height.
  • MultiVent™ can be used on angled roof applications. There is no need for special angle cut closures.

Roofjack Flashing Solutions


  • Manufactured from EPDM or silicone rubber, Roofjack™ is compounded for maximum resistance to ozone, UV light, & temperature extremes.
  • Flexible aluminum base will allow the flashing to conform to any metal roof configuration. Pipe location can be centered in the flat of the panel or the rib. Urethane sealant & self-drilling screws complete the installation
  • Roofjack flashing are well-marked so they can easily be cut with shears to fit exactly the pipe size used.
  • Roofjack flashing are available in Black or Gray EPDM as well as Red or Gray high temperature Silicone.
  • High Temperature Silicone is Now Available in Gray



Buckeye provides many popular solutions for sealing metal roof panel joints and Standing Seam Roof (SSR) endlaps. We stock the following: 

  • Emseal®  Hi-Acrylic Sealant Tape 
  • Novaflex® Acrylic Sealants
  • ST® Acrylic-Urethane Sealants
  • Tacky Tape® Butyl Tape.

Snow Retention


  • Designed for through fastener metal roofs.
  • Material is 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.
  • SNOW TRAX™ are packaged 50 pieces per box.
  • No additional sealant is required, which saves cost & maintains a finished appearance.
  • Powder coat paint is standard on all SNOW TRAX™ in 28 colors as well as unpainted.
  • SNOW TRAX™ design is best suited for exposed fastener metal to wood roof applications.
  • EPDM rubber gasket provides maximum sealing capability when installed with Kwikseal MB Woodbinder® screws
  • MCR SNOW TRAX™ Designed for residential standing seam metal roofs

Spec Sheets & Color Charts

ST Catalog Cover
ST Flashing & Sealant Catalog

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