About Us

The Buckeye Story

At Buckeye, we’ve experienced firsthand both the delights and stresses of metal construction. Buckeye founder, Tim Miller (Dad), worked for over forty years in metal construction. Many of our employees gained hands-on experience building with metal prior to working at Buckeye.

Inaugurated as a family business in 2004, we value the home-grown qualities of service, hands-on experience, and timeliness. We count our customers as part of our family. Stop by our Frankfort office in southern Ohio or give us a call. We are here to serve you!

Our Brand Recipe

Happy Sales Man


We’re right with you–understanding your needs, relating to your project. Broad offerings. Hospitable and warm interactions. We’re your trusted associates–and friends–into the future.

Expert metal roofing craftsman


We know metal building products like the back of our hand. We guide you through the little details to your very own success story.

Loading the trucks for you


We’re on it. Refreshingly attentive sales process, quick turnarounds, and surprisingly short delivery lead times. Chop chop. Keeping you in the game.

What Customers are saying

Core Focus

WHY - Purpose, Passion

Nurturing a caring, inspiring culture in which our team
thrives and cultivates relationships that demonstrate Christ’s love and light to our clients and each other.

What We Do Best

Supply premium quality metal roofing and siding with
industry-leading expertise and exceptional customer service.

Core Values

Put the Customer First

  • Everyone has a life story. Some stories are more difficult than others. BE KIND AND CONSIDERATE TO EVERYONE.

  • OUR CUSTOMERS ARE MORE THAN ACCOUNT NUMBERS. They are humans on a journey.

  • IF OUR CUSTOMERS SUCCEED, WE SUCCEED. Customers are the lifeblood of our company.

“How can I provide exceptional service to our customers?”

Go the Extra Mile

  • IDENTIFY PROBLEMS and focus on solutions.

  • TAKE INITIATIVE, be loyal, and work willingly and cheerfully.

  • ENCOURAGE each team member and increase their quality of life.

  • GO BEYOND normal customer service to provide unexpected benefits.

“Am I making our customers and team members feel part of the Buckeye family?”

Embrace Continual Improvement

  • WORK with humble confidence.

  • SEEK TO GROW in understanding, ability, and capability.

  • PURSUE metal expertise to serve our customers better and aid the team.

“How can I grow today in my ability to serve our customers and team?

Demonstrate Godly Integrity

  • WORK with continual God-consciousness.

  • ASSIST CUSTOMERS AND TEAMMATES with a servant’s heart.

  • SEEK WHAT IS RIGHT and what will build God’s Kingdom.

“How would God have me to serve today?”

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