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24-hour turnaround on many metal roofing orders

Contracting can be cutthroat. Keeping projects on schedule and your customers happy takes willpower and care. We know how small delays create profit and efficiency loss. Helping you stay on schedule is our focus. Our on-time delivery service will keep your job schedules crisp and accurate.

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Welcome to Contractor's Paradise

We were once contractors ourselves. We get it. That’s why we have built in a level of service to make your life as easy as possible, customized to your interests and needs. After a while, it will feel like we are a part of your team because we just know how you like it, and that’s how we’ll serve it up. Delivery timeliness, order accuracy, connecting with your goals, and cranking out premium-quality products you can count on day in and day out. That’s our commitment!

Partner with Us for Tailored Service

Have you ever phoned a metal supplier only to find that the person on the other end had no idea how to answer your questions or discuss the products available? What a waste of time!

As manufacturers of our own metal roof supply, we have answers to your metal questions. So get advice. Ask your questions. Stop by for some shop talk. That’s what our team is all about.

But that’s just one piece of how we serve.
Here’s how else we make our contractors’ lives easier.

On-site Roll Forming

For big jobs, we roll on-site. You won’t need to worry about damage during transport, and you won’t have to uncrate your metal or remove plastic.


We can cut custom length panels to the ⅛ inch and bend custom trim to any profile you can draw.

Easy installation

Pre-notched panels and easy installation tabs ensure a quick, smooth process.

Short lead times

Our excellent in-stock inventory and prompt delivery allows you to keep your project moving.

Outstanding Service

Our helpful, friendly team is always ready to share their expertise and to serve your needs.

Premium metals

We stock sturdy 26-gauge and 28-gauge metal panels and also offer premium metal specialty products.

High-quality trim

All our trim is made of 26-gauge, grade 50 metal, ensuring you get crisp bends and paint that doesn’t crack.

Top-notch paint

We use Sherwin Williams for our textured paints and AkzoNobel for our smooth colors. Both come with a 40-year warranty. Combine that with 24+ colors to choose from, and you can offer your customers stunning quality.

Pole Barn Designing

We can help you draw and design your pole barns, as well as connect you to good sources for lumber, metal, garage doors, and accessories.

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3 Easy Steps to Metal Roofing Success

1. Call or Drop By

Enjoy our showroom and customer-focused staff.

2. Explore & Order

We’ll attend you through to the metal package you need.

3. Relax while We Deliver

We’ll schedule, produce, and deliver. Just right.

Serving New Albany, Ohio and Beyond

Metal roofing is extremely versatile and has the power to preserve and enhance your customer’s buildings. It looks good on a classic 1924 townhouse or a 2024 suburban modern farmhouse. Whether you’re a frequent contractor in Asbury, Enclave, Landsdown, Oxford, Upper Clarenton, Windsor, or any of the other elegant communities that make up New Albany, Ohio, depend on us to be your go-to metal supplier for all your premium projects.

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Don’t Miss These Handy Building Packages

Metal building combos & kits

House/barn combos have increased in popularity over the past several years. We offer a number of quality packages to help you choose the right house/barn package for you.
Our pole barn kits are handy for quickly assessing your needs and selecting your pole barn. Our friendly salesperson will lead you through the options.

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