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Metal Roofing Columbus Ohio

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With a myriad of arts, cultural exhibitions and a booming tech industry, Ohio’s state capital is filled with college students and friendly older folks.  Columbus Ohio is known for having a vibe that’s young, hip and innovative. Housing plays a large role in the vibe of a city. How can we preserve the current infrastructure while also improving it? Metal roofing may play a large role. The curb appeal of metal roofing along with its durability makes it a perfect choice for new roofs in Columbus Ohio. Anyone native to Columbus knows the intense, hot summers and harsh, bitter winters. Metal roofing gives your customer the comfort and peace of mind they deserve throughout the whole year.

Why Buckeye Metal Sales?

Here at Buckeye Metal Sales, we know metal roofing like the back of our hand. We are passionate about giving you the tools you need to excel. With superior customer service, quick turnarounds, and surprisingly short delivery lead times, we keep you in the game. 

What sets Buckeye Metal Sales apart?

  • Quick Turnaround 
  • After-Sale Care 
  • On-Site Roll Forming 
  • Nimble Site Access 
  • Complete Roof Packages 
  • Efficient Precision


We were once contractors ourselves. We understand the frustrations of order errors, late deliveries, and inconsistent and limited offerings. Our team offers all the materials that you need for your roofing project and are able to help you customize and meet all of your personal specifications and needs. Our built in level of service makes your life so easy that after a while it will feel like we are part of your team because we know how you like it, and that’s how we’ll serve it up. Delivery timeliness, order accuracy, connecting with your goals, and cranking out premium-quality products you can count on day in and day out. That’s our commitment!

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7 Benefits Of Metal Roofing

1. Life Expectancy

Your customers expect their new roof to last a long time. Giving them the value they expect is important. So why metal? Well, one thing to consider is their outstanding life expectancy. In the best environment, asphalt shingles only last 12 – 20 years while metal roofing comparatively has a life expectancy in excess of 75 years. Also, metal roofing is comparatively less expensive than asphalt shingles when you take into consideration that one metal roof will last as long as 3 shingle roofs. 

2. Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, your customers need to factor in energy efficiency when making purchases for their home, and roofs are no different. An energy efficient roof can produce a huge return on investment for many years. Studies show metal roofing can save as much as 25 percent on heating costs and up to 40 percent in summer cooling energy costs. 

3. Environmentally Friendly

For someone concerned about the environment and making green choices, metal roofing is perfect. Metal roofing contains up to 60% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. And, if history repeats itself, the initial cost of a new metal roof will be fully recovered when it is recycled for scrap in 75-100 years.

4. Solar Integration

With each passing year we move more and more toward renewable energy sources. One of the advantages of metal roofing is its ease of integration with solar panels. Even if your customer is not installing solar panels immediately, if they should ever wish to, having a metal roof (especially standing seam metal) will make the process that much easier!

5. Low Maintenance

Maintenance on a standing seam metal roof is almost nonexistent, with the exception that every 35-40 years it needs a new coat of paint. Unlike asphalt shingles or cedar shakes, a metal roof is not susceptible to algae and fungus growing on it. Metal is the way to go for a worry free roof. Having a metal roof repainted every 40 years clearly qualifies as low maintenance.

6. Curb Appeal

A metal roof adds a distinctive wow factor to a home. That being said, while all roofing products have curb appeal when they are new, what about when they are 10-15 years old?

Take a drive and notice the older roofs in your community, which ones have aged gracefully? You are likely to find the slate and metal roofs have outperformed the others. When it comes to curb appeal, they still got it, not to mention they are still protecting as well as they did on day one. You won’t be finding any newly patched areas or discolorations from fungus growth on the metal roofs.

7. Fire Resistance

Metal roofs have a Class A fire rating, meaning the covering and underlying materials provide additional fire protection. This makes metal roofs one of the most fire-resistant options on the market for roofing materials. In addition, metal roofing often translates into a reduction on the homeowner’s insurance rate meaning less insurance for your customer. 

We would be honored to be your trusted supply of metal roofing in Ohio! Contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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