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Fresh Donuts With the First Load

Ray Yoder buys metal roofing from Buckeye because of their service. “Their service is unbelievable–and their promptness. They blow anyone else out of the water.”


We asked 3 of Buckeye’s contractors these 3 questions: Why do you buy from Buckeye? What do you like most about Buckeye? And, what is your favorite Buckeye product and why? 


Raymond Yoder is the owner of TruCut Construction, a residential contractor company based in Londonderry, Ohio. They build both houses and pole barns. Like many other contractors, Ray buys from Buckeye in large part because of their service.


Ray says, “Their service is unbelievable–and their promptness. They blow anyone else out of the water.” Even though Buckeye is not the cheapest metal supplier out there, the quality they offer is worth it. Ray says, “Their trim is consistent. Their metal is consistent. If you run short, your new materials aren’t any different in color.”


TruCut mostly uses the ag panel, as well as the Buckeye Wave and some standing seam on the side. Ray can depend on Buckeye. Ray says, “If they tell you they’ll do something, they will. They’re a nice group of people to work with.”


To top it all off, if TruCut gets the first load of the morning, they’ll often get fresh donuts along with it from Buckeye.


Promptness, consistency, and donuts. Talk about delicious service!


Fun Facts About 5-Rib Standard Metal

  • Economical price point
  • 40-year paint warranty
  • Available in many colors
  • 5-rib panels in 26 or 29 gauge


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