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Buckeye’s flexible service in providing metal roofing and siding is especially important to Richard Eby Construction in Hallsville, Ohio.



We asked 3 of Buckeye’s contractors these 3 questions: Why do you buy from Buckeye? What do you like most about Buckeye? And, what is your favorite Buckeye product and why? 


Our second featured contractor is Richard Eby from Eby Construction. Hailing from Hallsville, Ohio, Eby is a contractor who “does a little farming on the side.” Eby’s favorite product is the Buckeye Wave Crinkle panel which he uses for residential roofs.


Like David Hershberger from Poor Boys Roofing, Eby appreciates Buckeye’s service. “The service they provide and the past working relationship make it easy for me to just keep going there,” Eby says.



Because his time is split between farming and construction, Buckeye’s flexible service is especially important to Eby. “I don’t have all my jobs lined up a week ahead. (The weather has an impact on that, too.) With Buckeye, I can call and get metal two days out or so.”


Those short lead times are a lifesaver, especially if there was a mistake with the order. If the metal supplier only gets a shipment once or twice a week, things don’t go so well. “We’re up the creek if we have to wait four or five days,” says Eby.



One quality that Eby appreciates is Buckeye’s willingness to make things right. “They’ve occasionally made a mistake. If that happens, they normally try to correct it within the next couple of hours.”

Are you looking for bend-over-backward contractor service and a diverse metal supply? Check out Buckeye Metal Sales.


Fun Facts About the Buckeye Wave Panel

  • Sleek, modern aesthetic
  • More economical than standing seam
  • 4-rib panels in 26 or 29 gauge
  • 40-year paint warranty
  • Available in many colors
  • Crinkle textures available

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