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Saving Hours with Buckeye Metal Sales

Have you ever thought, "If only I had a metal supplier that gets what it’s like to be a contractor"? J.R. Shepherd, owner of Shepherd’s Reliable Roofing in Circleville, Ohio, buys his standing seam exclusively from Buckeye Metal Sales. Why the loyalty? Let’s find out. 
Buckeye’s standing seam on a lakefront property.
Buckeye’s standing seam on a lakefront property. (Contractor:


Have you ever thought, If only I had a metal supplier that gets what it’s like to be a contractor?


Tight schedules, unpredictable weather, an evolving labor scene–a roofing contractor has a lot to juggle.


J.R. Shepherd is the owner of Shepherd’s Reliable Roofing in Circleville, Ohio. He buys his standing seam from metal supplier, Buckeye Metal Sales. “I won’t switch. They are my only metal company. I’m not looking to go anywhere else,” says J.R.


Why the loyalty? Let’s find out.


1. The panels are rolled on-site. 

No packaging to unwrap. No scratches to worry about. Most of all, rolling on-site saves material. “You have to order a little extra from other companies because it takes so long to get it,” J.R. says.


Rolling on-site, however, means that J.R. can take the exact measurements of the roof, and then Buckeye will cut the pieces precisely to length . . . right there!


2. They make it easy for contractors wherever they can. 

J.R. says, “Buckeye goes above and beyond for everything.” For example, “they found out that there was a new part for the rolling machine that would save time on the job site.”


This part was a pre-notcher. Now, instead of J.R. and his crew notching all the panels manually, they let the machine do the work. And, boy, does that ever save time!


In the past, J.R. estimates that they spent 2-3 minutes notching each panel. For an average roof, that came to about 4-5 hours per roof–hours that they now save on every standing seam roof.


Pre-notched panels also make it much easier for beginners to learn the ropes of standing seam. Training a new employee on pre-notched standing seam takes less time.


Since Buckeye is local to Shepherd’s Reliable Roofing, J.R. can easily drive the 20 minutes to pick up extra metal or supplies. And Buckeye doesn’t waste his time. “They have my parts ready by the time I get there,” J.R. says.


3. They own up if they make a mistake

“They are a stand-out company,” says J.R. “I’ve dealt with a lot of metal and shingle companies. Buckeye is at the top of my list.”

“If they make a mistake, they will not argue with you. They go above and beyond to make it right, faster than an ordinary company. They are very respectful.”



4. They stay up to date on the technology of the industry.

It comes back to mining the market and finding emerging technology that will make contractors’ lives easier. “If there is a new technology coming out, Jay (Buckeye Metals Sales owner) is already looking into it,” says J.R. “They’re willing to spend the money [on their machines] to make it easier for their customers.”

Are you struggling to reach around to all the demands of contractor life? Please call us or visit our website. We’d love to be your right-hand helper!

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