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Why Choose Buckeye metal roofing panels?

Buckeye Metals is an industry leader in the manufacture of premium-quality metal roofing and siding panels. We supply contractors and homeowners with heavy gauge, precision-rolled metal roofing panels in custom lengths and an assortment of in-stock colors.

Why Choose Buckeye?

Now that it’s time to begin the project you’ve planned, you need professionals you can trust to get you there. We don’t just sell metal; we care about you.

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High-quality metal siding and roofing

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Premium metal specialty products

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Standing seam options in a wide selection of profiles and finishes

Trusted metal roofing supply for south-central Ohio Contractors

Clock’s ticking. Weather’s nasty. Your metal supplier’s late, and the order comes in wrong.

At Buckeye Metal Sales, we deliver. We’ve tailored our service to get general and sub-contractors the top-notch metal products they need. On time.
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Struggling to find top-quality metal products that complement your homestead and ag structures?

Like next-door partners, you can trust us for top-quality, authentic metal solutions that will enhance the dignity of your homestead buildings and suit any ag application.
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You can imagine your classic home capped with a lovely metal roof. But finding suppliers that take the time to hear your unique needs isn’t easy.

We hear you first, then offer our guidance to give you lovely metal roofs while respecting your budget. Prepare to grow your building assets and your legacy.
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Running yourself ragged in search of elegant metal options from suppliers you can trust?

Let us escort you through your project to your splendid dream home. We offer a beautiful array of premium metal roofing options that will take your breath away.
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Enjoy the Buckeye Way

  • Seasoned expertise
  • Excellent in-stock inventory
  • Short lead times
  • On-time delivery
  • Custom panel lengths precise to the ⅛”
  • Responsive after-sale care
  • 40-year warranty
  • On-site roll forming

Metal Panels for Roofing and Siding

Choose Standard Metal Panel

Quality-rolled Metal Roofing and Siding.

Looking for a standard metal panel that does both siding and roofing? Choose from two main profiles: the 5-rib panel or the Buckeye Wave 4-rib panel. Our deluxe Buckeye Wave panel showcases a lovely texture that will add the right touch of modern sleekness to your home or outbuilding.

Stun with standing seam

Premium metal roofing panels

Durable yet lovely, standing seam metal rolls fresh off our forming machines on-site. Pre-notched metal roof panels with easy installation tabs shave off labor hours for roofing contractors. With a premium-quality finish and a 40-year paint warranty, your standing seam metal roof will delight for years to come.

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Discover Aristolath

Revolutionary Metal Board & Batten

Aristolath’s revolutionary batten snaps on and off independently from the board. With this advantage, you can replace one board instead of the whole wall or two-tone your house with a distinct batten color.

Beyond the basics

Metal shingles & specialty products

Whether you have your eye on metal shingles or accenting an area with 5V or galvanized corrugated metal, we have you covered.

Erect a Pole Building

Metal building package & combos

Need a pole building or house/barn combo? Our team provides turn-key packages including complete design management and partnership with lumber suppliers and builders.

Metal Roofing Supplies for Ohio Residents

Need help choosing the right metal panel? Not sure how much metal you need for your project? Your home improvement project has never been easier. Buckeye Metals is here to answer your questions and help you order all the components for your project

The Benefits of Metal Roofing and Siding

In the best environment, asphalt shingles last only 12–20 years while metal roofing comparatively has a life expectancy in excess of 75 years. Metal roofing is comparatively less expensive than asphalt shingles when you take into consideration that one metal roof will last as long as 3 shingle roofs.


An energy efficient roof can produce a huge return on investment for many years. Studies show metal roofing can save as much as 25 percent on heating costs and up to 40 percent in summer cooling energy costs.

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Metal roofing contains up to 60% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. And, if history repeats itself, the initial cost of a new metal roof will be fully recovered when it is recycled for scrap in 75-100 years.

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One of the advantages of metal roofing is its ease of integration with solar panels. Even if you are not installing solar panels immediately, if you should ever wish to, having a metal roof (especially standing seam metal) will make the process that much easier!


Maintenance on a standing seam metal roof is almost nonexistent, with the exception that every 35-40 years it needs a new coat of paint. Unlike asphalt shingles or cedar shakes, a metal roof is not susceptible to algae and fungus growing on it. Metal is the way to go for a worry-free roof.

Black metal roof on a white house

Metal roofs and metal siding are beautiful! Install a sleek, modern-looking metal roof, and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. With options for finishes, colors, and styles continuing to explode, metal roofs can match whatever look you are dreaming of for your home. 

Metal roofs also retain their curb appeal for years. You won’t be finding any newly patched areas or discolorations from fungus growth on the metal roofs.

Metal roof on a building

Metal roofs have a Class A fire rating, meaning the covering and underlying materials provide additional fire protection. This makes metal roofs one of the most fire-resistant options on the market for roofing materials. In addition, metal roofing often translates into a reduction on the homeowner’s insurance rate meaning less insurance.

green metal roof on a log cabin

Demand for metal roofs is increasing with good reason! The homeowner wins all along the line–even when he sells his home. Homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes with durable metal roofs. A metal roof can increase your property’s value by 1 to 6 percent.

We would be honored to be your trusted supply of metal roofing in Ohio! Contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Buckeye Standing Seam Roofs

Metal Roofing Panel FAQ’s

The initial cost of a metal roof is often more than the initial cost of a shingle roof. Metal panels cost more than shingles and require more skilled labor to install. 

Remember though to evaluate the overall investment of a metal roof compared to a shingle roof. Metal roofs can last 2 to 3 times longer than shingled roofs. Metal roofs require very little maintenance compared to asphalt shingles. And considering our 40-year paint warranty, the savings over time makes metal a smarter choice.

If you are thinking of the sound of rain on a metal barn or shed roof, think again. A metal roof on a barn or shed often doesn’t include the complete roof assembly required on residential and commercial buildings. With the complete roof assembly (roof deck, insulation and underlayment) properly installed, a metal roof is no noisier in the rain than any other roofing material.

The short answer is “No.” Extensive research shows that metal roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other type of roof. Since metal roofs are highly fire resistant, they are very safe even in the most intense electrical storm.

Yes, as long as your local building code allows it and your existing shingled roof is still relatively flat. With their light weight, metal roofing panels can be installed over a shingled roof without compromising the integrity of the roof trusses. This installation method can save up to 25% of the labor cost of removing your old roof prior to installing metal roofing.

Properly installed metal roofing panels last, and last, and last… 40, 50, or even 75 years. That’s 2-3 times the life of a shingle roof. Install a metal roof and you’ll likely never need to replace it in your lifetime!

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Buckeye Metal Sales provides metal roofing and siding throughout South-central Ohio including the cities of Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Chillicothe, Lancaster, Athens, Middletown, Hillsboro, Zanesville, Athens, Washington Courthouse, and many other locations.

We would be honored to be your trusted supply of metal roofing in Ohio! Contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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